Treatment Tailored to You

Hello, I’m Jenny Grant. I’ve been working as an osteopath for more than 20 years, helping a wide range of patients feel better and move better.

My goal is to help everyone find the path to their best state of wellbeing and maintain it. I use a wide variety of osteopathic techniques, including Cranial Osteopathy, to ease stress-related aches and many other issues. 

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How I work

At your first appointment (which will be slightly longer than regular appointments), I’ll take your medical history, do an initial examination and get started with the treatment.

Osteopathy has a cumulative effect, so treatments work best when done regularly. The ideal frequency for appointments depends entirely on the patient and the issues we’re targeting, but many people benefit from seeing their osteopath more frequently at first until symptoms improve. Regular treatments go towards improving your health and wellbeing in general.

I do all my treatments at the Dalhousie Wellness Hub, Dalhousie Business Park in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian.


What my patients say

“Jenny is so much more than an Osteopath! She is a holistic, highly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. My first session with Jenny was life changing, not only did she sort me out physically but she enabled me to look at things that were going on in my life that were manifesting in my body but were actually affecting me on so many other levels! My second session was even better…. I can’t wait for my next appt! She is also one of the kindest souls I have ever met and I literally can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Donna N.

“Jenny is a miracle worker! After working at home during lockdown at the wrong height desk and chair my back was in complete spasm and I was struggling to walk. Within an hour I felt easier freer and slept for more than two hours that night….nearly 8 which is unheard of for me. I would highly recommend Jenny, she is calm, kind, professional, very experienced and can read bodies like books. She was so good my husband booked to see her too. Thank you Jenny for a fabulous service which I will be making part of my regular self care routine”

– Kate M.

“Jenny has such a deep understanding of the body and how interdependently it works, or doesn’t! She tunes into the subtle but often core issues that are causing the problem that takes you to her. Jenny is a joy to spend time with knowledgeable, humble, giving. Always feel lighter in spirit when I leave the clinic”

– Gill G.