Your First Appointment with Your Local Osteo

Once you’ve booked your initial appointment, you will receive an email with a link to a medical form. Please, fill this out before your appointment. This is to help me make sure you get the most appropriate treatment.

I reserve 60 minutes for initial appointments, so I have the time to get to know you and your concerns.

Because we humans are the culmination of everything that’s happened to us, I need a comprehensive case history detailing not just your current complaint, but also any previous problems or injuries.

Initial examination

This will be followed by an examination. At this stage, I may need to ask you to remove part of your clothing to see the positions of biomechanical stresses and strains and quality of movement.

I will discuss my findings with you, and we will go on to talk through a treatment plan that will work best for you, followed on by treatment. I may also refer you to a movement therapist to work on postural rehabilitation and specific exercises to help improve symptoms alongside your manual treatment as part of your treatment plan to get you moving and feeling better.

It’s best to either wear or bring with you comfortable loose clothing to change into for your appointments. You are most welcome to bring a bath sheet or blanket to use when lying on the osteopathic bench for your comfort.

The price for a 60-minute first appointment is £70.

Follow-up appointments are £65 for 50 minutes and £48 for 30 minutes, depending on your requirements.